VBA For Business Analysis

  1. VBA Introduction
    • Introduction of Excel VBA Editor
    • Project Explorer & Properties Window
    • Code Modules
    • Use Edit Toolbar
    • How to create a VBA subroutine & function
  1. learn logic behind VBA codes
    • Data types in Excel VBA
    • How to declare and use variables and object variables
    • How to Define constants value
    • How to use For…Next Statement
    • How to use For Each Loop Statement
    • How to use If…Then…Else Statement
    • How to use Multi-Ifs Statement
    • How to use Do While… Loop Statement
    • How to use Do Until… Loop Statement
    • How to use Nested Loop Statement
    • Case: Show reporting currency amount for FX assets & liabilities
    • Case: Change report unit for P&L
  1. Control Excel Objects by using VBA codes
    • Excel objects in VBA: Application & Workbook
    • Excel objects in VBA: Worksheets & Rang & Cells
    • How to Find the Object, Property & Method
    • How to use With Statements
    • Use offset statement to change range reference
    • How to find the Last Row of your Range in VBA
    • Referring to Ranges & Writing to Cells in VBA
    • Case: Calculate and highlight overdue interest
    • Case: Sales for each salesperson
  1. Using functions in VBA
    • What are Function Procedures in VBA
    • Use functions to control string data
    • Use functions to control numerical data
    • Use functions to control date
    • How to write User Defined Function (UDF)
    • Use Functions in Sub Procedures
  1. Event-Driven Programming
    •  Run a Sub Procedures when you open, close, or save a workbook
    • Use Worksheet Selection Change Event to control VBA code
    •  Trigger a procedure by using a specific key
    • Case: Highlight items in sales report
  1. Debugging & Error Handling
    • Use Debug Toolbar
    • How to set Break Point to step through a sub procedure
    • Watch a value in a sub procedure
    • Use Immediate Windows to check output
    • How to use Error Handling Statements (On Error, Resume, Goto, etc)


  1. 老师讲得很好,逻辑很清楚. 不过vba可能mac和window系统不同,上课的时候有些short cut 需要自己转化到mac上应用,会耽误时间然后miss老师后面的内容.

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