Models for Month-end & Reconciliation

This practical course would allow you to further sharpen your Excel Modelling Skills to build your own financial models. After completing this course, you will be able to create your own Excel based financial models to satisfy different business needs.


Key Modules Covered in the Course

Advanced Techniques in Financial Modelling

  • Rebuild an inherited model
  • Break a complex model into several sub-models for model auditing
  • Automation: Record, Modify and Run VBA

Data Organization Techniques

  • Sort without Sort
  • Filter without Filter
  • Pivot without Pivot Table
  • Summarize Data according to multiple conditions
  • Dynamic data range

Modelling Procedures

  • Starting point of Modelling
  • Format requirements for data input
  • Data analysis with different perspectives
  • Dynamic elements – customised (interactive) report
  • Documentation requirements

Month – End Procedure & Models

  • Month – End procedure
  • Case Study: Month – End Closing Checklist
  • Accounts Receivable closing procedure
  • Case Study: Commission Calculator (based on market, product and sales amount)
  • Accounts Payable closing procedure
  • Case Study: Streamline the process of Accrued Expense (Creditor Management – Accrued Expense)
  • Case Study: Creditor Management – Prepayment
  • Case Study: Amortisation Recognition – Prepayment
  • Payroll closing procedure
  • Case Study: Payroll Interface & Payroll General Journal
  • Fixed Asset closing procedure
  • Case Study: Depreciation Calculator with variety asset categories

Data Reconciliation Skills

  • Same structure data Reconciliation
  • Different structure data reconciliation
  • Speak cell & Reconciliation

Accounts Reconciliation

  • Definition of Reconciliation and why we need it
  • Reconciliation issues
  • Best practices in preparing accounts reconciliations
  • Differences between bank statement and cash accounts ledger
  • Case Study: Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger to Sub-Ledger Reconciliation
  • Case Study: Use multi-data source pivot for GL reconciliation
  • Case Study: General Ledger Reconciliation Model
  • Case Study: Annual Leave Liability Calculation
  • Case Study: Long Service Leave Provision Calculation
  • Case Study: BAS Report Template


  1. Useful course and efficient tools,loads of information which represents the trend of technology and professional accounting development, but need repeat the course to remember.

  2. 非常好,理论加实践,很多流程,小公司可能都省了,但是大公司一定需要。Terry老师不仅帮助我们查漏补缺,还提供了完美的解决方案。

  3. 这次是半年后重听这门课了。第一次听觉得内容很多 ,一时很难消化。这次再听,对知识有了很好的梳理;加深了理解。Terry老师的课都值得多听几次,每次都有新的收获和感悟。惊叹于老师对会计知识以及新技术power query的融会贯通能力,每次学习到power bi的知识就像打开了新世界的大门。真正的好的会计是不断学习知识,与时俱进更新技能,才能保持走在时代的前沿,不被大潮流所淘汰。老师的课不尽让我对会计知识有了很多学习,更重要的是启发我不断思考,学习,才能不断进步。感谢老师心血编绘的课程以及辛苦付出。

  4. 上一次听这课是三年多前了,现在重听,感觉吸收的信息和知识比以前多了很多。讲课顺序很有逻辑性,帮助宏观理解整个month end的流程。老师会讲好几种解决方案,但有了BI后,不知道还有没有必要学用formula的算法。
    希望有一堂课可以把power query,power pivot合在一起,讲一些复杂的案例

  5. Enjoyed Terry’s workshops so much! I found it very useful and eyes opening experience! I definitely recommend the workshops!

  6. I like the course as it consolidated the end of month process and the models are very handy. Terry is excellent! Thanks.

  7. 非常有用的课程!信息量大 ,老师教的很细致。学到了非常多有用的财务知识,立马能在工作中用到。两天的课程觉得比我在工作一年中学习的还要多,报Terry老师的课真的是最正确的选择!

  8. Month end的课特别实用,全部都是工作中会遇到的情况,梳理之后感觉逻辑清晰了很多。给Terry老师疯狂打call~

  9. 满满内容的两天,需要回来好好消化下。我不是财务专业的,所以两天下来觉得财务水很深,但是Terry老师能把这么深的水给提纯出精华,让我们短期内迅速提升,觉得真是不虚此行!推荐!

  10. Good strucutre of the course, the improvement point could be updating all the relevant computer softwares in the classroom.

  11. Hi there,

    just want to check whether there is any face to face training for the Month end training in Nov in Melbourne?

  12. Hi, I would like to find out the cost for this course please. Is this an entry level course or advanced course? Is it conducted in English? I am a CPA accountant and have recently returned to work in management/financial accounting field, will this course be suitable for me? Thank you.

  13. 谢谢Terry 提供重听的机会,能让我温故知新,并且每次上课都会有不一样的收获,很实用!

  14. 课程结构设置合理,环环相扣,容易理解。会计原理配合模型,模版可以直接在工作中使用,大大提高了工作效率,节省了工作量,很受益于该课程,谢谢!

  15. 非常有调理,细节也不错。挺不错的课程。适合有一定经验的人,基本能跟上。谢谢老师耐心的讲解。

  16. 这次重听terry老师课程温故而知新,尤其是增加了部分内容,开阔了思路。还要感谢terry的是这次课程内容有部分吸取我上次的反馈并做了更新。大家一定要积极认真的给出反馈,因为下次再听的时候真的会有新发现。

  17. Easy to understand, help us to master pratical&useful excel skills, build up confidence to undertake challenge in the work

  18. 挺不錯的,但如果能上課之前先上個excel效果可能會更好,或者能知道準備用什麼公式先預習一下

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