Financial Modelling Essential

Duration: 2 days
Workshops: 27-28 Jan 2018 Sydney & Melbourne
           19-20 May 2018 Sydney & Melbourne
           21-22 Jul 2018 Sydney & Melbourne
           28-29 Jul 2018 Brisbane
           17-18 Nov 2018 Sydney & Melbourne

Most of accountants were trained how to use Accounting Systems / Excel, but seldom be trained logically how to build a financial model. This course would guide you to explore the fundamental and concept behind financial model. You will learn the essential techniques during different phases: designing, modelling, prototype and testing. And you will also learn how to use models in accounting daily jobs.

AR Aging Report

Key Modules Covered in the Course

Financial Modelling Introduction

  • What is financial modelling
  • Best practice in financial modelling
  • Art in an effective Excel model

Excel Skills Needed for Financial Modelling

  • Conditional format
  • Absolute & relative cell reference
  • Switch row & column of chart
  • Set up secondary axis
  • Group data in pivot table
  • What-if analysis skills
  • Formula dimension to deal with nested if statement
  • How to apply an effective model in Excel
  • How to escape from “excel hell”

Steps to Building the Financial Models

  • Where to start to build a model
  • Financial models – logical structure design
  • Financial models – data input
  • Case: Convert data table to data list
  • Financial models – process/calculation
  • Case: Consistent formulas in one area
  • Case: Avoid hard code in formula
  • Case: Running total calculation
  • Financial models – output
  • Case: Report format design

Data Cleansing Skills

  • How to deal with blank record
  • How to deal with duplicate records
  • How to deal with text
  • How to find & replace certain value
  • How to get data from PDF files

Maintaining Financial Model

  • Techniques to reduce error
  • Common Excel error types
  • How to correct and suppress error
  • How to set up error checking module

Financial Models for FA Daily Tasks

  • How to use financial models in accounting jobs
  • Decode accounting system logic
  • Sales & accounts receivable procedure
  • Case: Accounts receivable aging report
  • Case: Bad debt provision
  • Purchase & accounts payable procedure
  • Case: Cash reimbursement form
  • Case: Rebuild an inherited model
  • Payroll procedure
  • Case: Time sheet calculation & accrual treatment
  • Cash management procedure
  • Case: Accrued interest income model
  • Fixed asset management procedure
  • Case: FA & Depreciation model with variety asset categories
  • How to design simple, clear, and readable model to deal with complex business tasks
  • Project accounting procedure
  • Case: Project review model


  1. 老师,跟您说个好消息,我找到工作啦,下周一开始上班。
    面试里说了您之前的AR Aging Report 的分析思路,还有建Dummy Vendor来控制风险,面试官反馈都不错,谢谢您,我还会继续在AFMA好好学习。
    感觉报了您的课,是最近最正确的选择,直接加速了我的找工作过程 !

  2. 多谢Terry 这两天在布里斯班现场授课!Financial Modelling Essentials 很有技术含量,加上Terry用 20年 吐血经验,从 strategy 的角度为我们解释 ”为什么这么做”,“那样做有什么问题”,“怎样做才是 professional and user friendly的 report” 等,很受益。

  3. An amazing modelling course! Terry的这门课内容丰富翔实,从企业管理,会计知识,模块化思维,Excel技术各个层面全方位总结和提高了我对财务会计工作的实践和认知,真有’胜读十年书’之感。感谢Terry不仅教我们方法和excel技巧,更无私分享自己工作中积累的宝贵经验。这的确是非常精彩的课程,我应该早点报名参加。

  4. 课程设置很紧凑,也很实用。介绍的不少功能都能直接用于工作,还有就是模块化思维和优化工作的思路是可以应用于任何与办公自动化相关的工作的,觉得还是很值得推荐的课程。

  5. The course is definitely the best course I have ever take and it is useful in the daily work, It provide a solid knowledge not only in software skills but also teach us accounting experience and tricks that we need decades to obtain in the real world. I will take more course in the future and thank you so much Terry for sharing with us!

  6. Very useful course, not only about technique, but more about the logical thinking. Really rick my knowledge of accounting practice. Enjoy 2-days course and will try to use in reality work. Thank you for your patient to answer the question, either course related, or work related.

  7. I have recently joined a new company. By utilising the financial modeling skills that I learnt from this course , I managed to convert PDF file to excel , capture the data that I need and design the ultimate report to my desire. My manager commented that by seeing what I could do make him feel old .
    I trust you might benefit as much as I did.

  8. 非常非常实用的课程,老师教课不啰嗦,井井有条,非常热心帮助回答每一个同学的问题,

  9. 非常感谢Terry安排重听Financial Modelling Essential,很有收获,也很实用,工作中的许多困惑都弄明白了,效率提高了很多!

  10. 两天的课程内容很满,节奏却安排得井井有条。能吸收很多知识但又不会觉得跟不上。老师非常了解我们的实际情况,教的东西非常实用。有些知识简直是神来之笔,灵活运用到工作中能大大增加效率。非常值得的课程,还会继续来!

  11. 这门课太实用了,是我至今上过的最好的课程!非常实用。自己在五百强工作多年,Terry的课程觉得可以帮助大家脱颖而出。我非常受益,会参加更多的课程!

  12. 很久前学的这门课,最近觉得技术有些生疏,又回来听了一遍,感觉茅塞顿开,前两周工作中发现的问题都可以自己解决了,感谢terry老师

  13. Leant lots of practical excel skills in 2 days. Terry is so patient and all notes and explanation are quite clear. Thanks Terry for giving us such a great course. You have done your part great and now leave the rest to us:)

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