Comprehensive Budget Model

Working on a comprehensive driver-based budget model from start to finish, you will evaluate input assumptions, calculate revenue and costs of production to calculate cash requirements.  From this, you will build a full set of budget financial statements with particular emphasis on linking the profit & loss statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet together.


Key Modules in this Course

Budgeting & Forecasting Essential

  • Introduce top down and bottom up budgetary
  • Introduce activity based budget system
  • Introduce incremental budget system
  • Introduce Zero ­based budget system
  • Select a suitable budgetary system
  • Deal with interaction of budget & Rolling forecast
  • Introduce Feed forward control

Inputting Historical Statements

  • Integrated model for historical income statements
  • Integrated model for historical balance sheet
  • Prepare Information for budgeting

Analysing Growth Drivers

  • Calculate revenue drivers
  • Calculate cost drivers
  • Analyse FTE and salaries & wages drivers
  • Analyse OPEX drivers
  • Analyse balance sheet drivers

Forming Growth Assumptions

  • Build P&L assumptions
  • Build B/S assumptions
  • Set management discussion baseline
  • Reconcile conflicting objectives that occur in budgeting

Projecting Future P&L

  • Revenue build up
  • Cost build up
  • Payroll build up
  • OPEX build up
  • Create the project income statement

Creating Asset & Depreciation Schedule

  • Create asset schedule
  • Build CAPEX schedule
  • Project fixed asset and depreciation
  • Create the project balance sheet

Projecting Future Cash Flow

  • Create financing schedule
  • Project debt and interest
  • Create the project cash flow statement
  • Steps to create integrated budget model
  • Layout for integrated budget model

What-if, Scenario And Sensitivity Analysis

  • Identify uncertainty as it exists in the business world
  • Build scenario for budget model
  • Prepare sensitivity analysis of budget model


  1. Thanks heaps for the wonderful training session. Very useful and practical course. I learned a lot from it. I hope to set up a budget model for my company as well.

  2. 谢谢Terry,非常完善、强大的预算模型,也给我们展示了上市公司的预算编制和控制流程,希望可以运用到工作中!

  3. I strongly recommend this budgetary courses to students who want to develop their skills in management accounting. It enhanced my knowledge and skills to build up all links among budgeted financials. It is very practical. Thank you , Terry .

  4. I have learnt a lot by getting through the entire budget process and the logic behind the budget model. Very practical and a great help to my current role. Thanks to Terry and the group.

  5. Awesome! learned a lot in these two days from accounting knowledges to modelling skills. Very helpful! Will try to use this knowledge in my job in the future.Thanks heaps, Terry. Can’t wait to attend other courses.

  6. Great Course, very though and detailed step by step instruction. Will continue to attend other courses, this is the 3rd by now.

  7. Learned a lot from this course, from finding the driver to building up the model and how to use different ratio to test the budget model. Thank you, Terry

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