Financial Analysis

Accurate financial analysis is a fundamental element for company’s growth, strategy and overall success.
In this hands-on comprehensive course, you will learn to use proven analytical tools to analyse financial indicators, evaluate management performance, and allocate resources effectively to improve your company’s profit.


Key Modules in this Course

Model Analysis Tools

  • Build assumptions documentation tools.
  • Use the scenario manager
  • Show multiple scenario outcomes simultaneously with one and two-dimensional data tables

Building a Business Case

  • Build business case scenarios
  • Business case study-financial calculations
  • Business case study-scenario analysis

Financial Statements Analysis

  • Revise the contents of the financial statements to suit for management reporting purpose
  • Prepare horizontal and vertical analysis
  • Trend analysis case: YTY (year to year) growth model
  • Prepare common-sized financial statement analysis
  • Prepare comparative financial statement analysis
  • Build DuPont analysis model
  • Evaluate profit margins, asset turnover (efficiency) and leverage
  • Prepare benchmark analysis for company performance
  • Prepare actual vs. budget variance analysis

Operation Analysis

  • Sales analysis: Marketing Effectiveness, Sales Leads, Conversion Rate
  • Cost variance analysis: Price Impact & Volume Impact
  • Human resource analysis: HR acquisition、deployment、performance & compensation、motivation & development
  • Operating cycle & Working capital management
  • Prepare weight analysis for OPEX
  • Company valuation-DCF model
  • Break-even analysis model

Cash Flow Analysis

  • Understand cash flow from operations, investing and financing
  • Prepare ratios and metrics for cash flow analysis
  • Identify patterns of value
  • Understand cash flow performance indicators—profitability, liquidity and solvency
  • Evaluate past performance and project future cash flow


  1. Financial Analysis is an essential & core competency needed for every MA or Analyst. This course is well-structured and delivered in a logical while reasonable pace which can absolutely smooth out your learning process.

    Terry is an experienced & passionate trainer and well-prepared for every single course. What impresses me most is he doesn’t mind investing his after-class time to answer your specific questions. So, highly recommended~

  2. This course has covered the most important areas of Financial Analysis, and is developed and delivered thoroughly by Terry.

    I would recommend it to my friend who also has a career in accounting.

  3. Terry’s financial analysis course was so impressive and comprehensive, and it gives a very good direction and structure on analyzing company’s financials.

  4. Really impressived about Terry’s presentation, I attend this one about two years ago, and still learned a lot today. Thank you, Terry

  5. 物超所值!非常实用的课程 老师经验丰富同时讲解的也很好。希望开设更多更好的课程,比如税务,资金之类的!

  6. 两天连着听估计抽不出时间 家里有孩子 可不可以下次九月的再听一次 补上这次漏了的部分?

  7. Great course and fantastic training! I really learned a lot about financial analysis tools, techniques and precess. Looking forward to doing the next course.

  8. Obviously the knowledge and experience gained from this training course is tremendous and fantastic. I would like to highly recommend to take this course.

    Thanks again!

  9. This course is informative and knowledgeable. It is impressed the course is like a big assignment with couple of cases, which are split into different segments with a tight logic for the understandable purpose.

  10. I have attended 5 other Terry’s courses and very looking forward to the financial analysis one next weekend! All Great Stuff !

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