KPI Report & BI Dashboard

Dashboard Structure

Use Chart as Filter


Separate Line Chart


Chart with Time Dimension


Chart with Power Map



Abacus Chart

AFMA OPEX Analysis

Funnel Chart

Sales Funnel Analysis

BCG Matrix Chart


Professional Colour

Data Labels Which Tell Story

Water Fall Chart


Gauge Chart


Panel Bar Chart

AFMA Marketing KPI

Bullet Chart


Professional Bar Chart


 Power BI Dashboard

Sales Report in Map


Key Modules in this Course

Data visualization theory

  • The 4 x 4 model for knowledge content
  • Channel your audience
  • what makes a good data visualization
  • Defining your narrative

Understanding your data

  • Information Hierarchy-The 6 Ws
  • Explore your data
  • Convert your data

Visual Display

  • Position, size, colour, contrast, and shape
  • The importance of scale
  • Legends and sources
  • Data-ink Ratio

KPI Report Components

  • Case Study: Thermometer charts to compare Budget vs. Actual
  • Case Study: Multi-axis chart to show sales amount and profit margins ratio
  • Case Study: Exploded pie chart to show components of  source of Funds
  • Case Study: Waterfall chart for cash flow model
  • Case Study: Spark lines for in cell charts
  • Case Study: Arrange scroll bars in valuation model
  • Case Study: Trend-line to show trend of sales
  • Case Study: Stacked 100% column for 80:20 analysis

Chart tips & tricks

  • Switch Row/Column
  • Excel & PPT integration

Interactive chart

  • Introducing motion
  • When to go interactive
  • How to think interactively
  • Finding the right interactive chart for your report

Charts automation

  • Create custom charts using macros


  1. 已经开始使用这些刚学到的理念和图形技术。结果是不但自己对数据的理解和分析有这非常直观上的影响,更是让读者迅速理解报告的内容。谢谢老师

  2. Terry老师的这门课程传授的不仅是各种酷炫的图表技能,更重要的是,他将从各大公司做consultant 的丰富经验悉心总结,融合在实际案例中一一分享。每次上完Terry老师的课以后,工作效率和思考问题的角度都有质的飞跃。谢谢Terry老师。

  3. 课程教的东西非常多,都是干货。有的技巧是没办法在google或书本上查找得到的。哪怕你日常工作不是天天需要用,也能发现很多对日常工作有启发的东西。每次上完课都有一种充满电,可以极速启航的感觉。极力推荐。

  4. 这周末重温了一下Power BI的课,觉得比第一次上课的时候理解更多了。周一在公司自己做了几个表,感觉还不错。觉得难的是要自己想分析角度,和用什么chart最能把故事讲清楚

  5. Thanks Terry! Learned a lot these two days. These charts skills are so helpful and I cant wait to use them in my next reports and get my boss impressed :).

  6. 这两天学了很多新技术,回去需要复习一下,看怎样应用在工作中。期待12月的consolidation课程

  7. I found the course very useful. I have learned a lot of advanced chart skills. Terry has explained the logic behind the chart very clearly. Free chart tools are so amazing.

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