Advanced PowerPoint Skills for Presentation

1. PPT Design Rules

a) PPT Design rules: Proximity
b) PPT Design rules: Contrast
c) PPT Design rules: Repetition
d) PPT Design rules: Alignment
e) View slide master
f) Modify slide master
g) Modify individual slide layouts

2. Font & Color

a) Serif & sans-serif font
b) Font size
a) How to use colour wheel to set colour scheme
b) Case: Format paragraph in PPT slide

3. Picture & Video

a) Crop picture to shape
b) Picture style
c) Remove picture background
d) Insert a video in PPT slide
e) Play the video in normal view
f) Use video tools

4. Data & Table

a) link the table or graph in Excel to PPT slide
b) Table styles and layouts
c) Highlight story in table

5. SmartArt

a) Choose a SmartArt diagram
b) Add and delete shapes
c) Change SmartArt layout
d) Convert text to SmartArt
e) Case: Create an organisation chart
f) Case: Group pictures by using SmartArt

6. Chart

a) Build chart in PPT
b) Format column chart
c) Format pie chart

d) Case: AFMA Budget control report

7. Animation in Chart

a) Set motion path for animation
b) Set trigger, duration and delay
c) Case: AFMA sales from each region

d) Case: AFMA sales report for each product

e) Case: AFMA monthly sales performance compare with budget




  1. Thanks heaps for Terry’s wonderful presentation. It is extremely useful and practical. I learned a lot today.

  2. Recently, I did a presentation with the PPT skills I learnt from Terry’s course.
    I received below comments:
    Country Manager: you are a star
    Marketing Manager: you brought PPT to another level

  3. Terry 老师的思路非常清晰,实战的经验给他讲的课加入很多东西非常棒感谢老师的清晰叫讲解。

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