Power BI Comprehensive Models

1. Case: Consolidate income statements for current year and last year, and compare with budget information
2. Case: Data cleansing – Inventory information
3. Case: Calculate monthly/quarterly opening & closing balance for inventory
4. Multi-dimensional analysis with multiple data tables
5. Case: Service costs: Numbers of services calls, Minutes per call
6. Case: Service costs: Service cost budget and what-if analysis
7. Deal with many-to-many relationship in PowerPivot DAX
8. How to retrieve data from unrelated database in DAX
9. Case: Actual Comparing with budget: Difference of chart of accounts
10. Case: Actual Comparing with budget: Difference product hierarchy of actual and budget data
11. Case: Actual Comparing with budget: Monthly sales budget VS Daily sales transaction data
12. Case: Real-time control of sales budget balance
13. Build custom calendar in Power BI
14. What is 445-calendar
15. How to link 445-calendar with data table
16. Case: How to prepare YOY growth analysis in 445-calendar?

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  1. 每次上Terry的课都能学到新的知识,有很多有意思的tips。特别是那个多个data table建立链接升一个hierarchy的想法。点个赞

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