Ma Ad Hoc Analysis & Report

  1. Sales & Marketing Analysis

  • Case: Performance report for individual salesperson.
  • Sales cycle and four P’s in marketing strategies
  • Different pricing strategies for products
  • Case: Sales Summary for Each Product
  • Case: Performance analysis of each distribution channel
  • Case: Marketing effectiveness analysis: Social media
  • Case: Marketing effectiveness analysis: Paid-ads & Website traffic
  • Case: Marketing effectiveness analysis: Email marketing
  • Case: Marketing effectiveness analysis: Event marketing
  • Case: Marketing effectiveness analysis: Cost-benefit analysis and KPI dashboard
  • Database functions & sales data analysis


  1. Inventory & Costing

  • Absorption costing, Marginal costing and ABC costing
  • Standard costing system and variance analysis
  • Case: Inventory movement and balance control


  1. Corporate Finance

  • How to prepare business case report for corporate finance
  • Case: Valuation of convertible notes
  • Case: Corporate finance withdraw and repayment model


  1. Ad-hoc Business Report

  • Sales report with timeline

  • Project milestone report

  • Inventory report

  • Profit & loss report


  1. this course is definately necessary to attend because Terry gave us a lot of knowledge, not only accounting-related but also industry-related. Terry gives you a deep insight into the industries and teaches you to analyse the information by different models.

  2. 两天的课程收获满满,尤其是对市场分析、销售及存货分析有了深度认识,也有对其他课程的复习和巩固。 一如既往的好!

  3. 今天的课程信息量大,内容非常有深度,逻辑性强。能够在短短1天内学到Marketing的精髓,非常佩服Terry老师深厚的工作经验和对行业的理解。这个课程精髓在于对有效数据的筛选,在分析上的逻辑和对Assumption的判断。对拓展工作领域和开阔日常会计工作以外的视野有着非常大的帮助!

  4. 原来一直以为自己的Excel工作够用了。上了课后感觉又学了不少有用的技能。以后还要多上一些课程。非常喜欢。谢谢老师。

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