Power BI Essential


1. Components of Power BI

2. Get Data with Power Query

1) Understand Power BI data sources
2) Connect to a file: Excel、CSV、Access
3) Connect to a web data source
4) Import Excel data models to Power BI
5) Send data from Power Query to Power Pivot

3. Data Analysis in Power BI

1) Append data to a query
2) Merge and group data
3) Reduce data with the Query Editor
4) Transform data
5) Add an index column
6) Clean up data
7) Create hierarchy / relationships between tables
8) Use lookup tables in a dataset
9) Generate insight with DAX calculations

4. Create Business Report in Power BI

1) Create and format chart visuals
2) Use Matrices, Cards and Tiles to visualize Power View Data
3) Complete the dashboard using slicers and timeline
4) Create an amazing sales map and other useful charts
5) Creating interactive dashboards
6) Set drill through features in Power BI report
7)Publish report to the Power BI
8) Refresh and remove reports
9) Share reports with security setting


  1. 高强度的一天 充实 紧凑 第一次接触power BI 感觉很有趣 无限可能 抱着试试看的心态 看来接着学其他BI课程是必要的 而且必须来课堂学 效果那绝对是不一样的

  2. 女儿的presentation 关于Chinese new year 我用power BI 的map function 和网上世界各地过CNY 的population 做了个dashboard 第一次用power BI 通过一天的课就可以做出这样的效果太棒了谢谢老师

  3. 周末的课真的很棒!短短一天时间就快速掌握了powerbi基础核心的内容 自己多练习以后也能用数据做一些简单的report了!真的很棒!感谢老师~

  4. 最让我受益的是老师讲的power BI 的思维模式和report 的框架结构,如果不经过深度思考和总结是很难讲的这么清楚的

  5. Great course with reasonable price! Nice and patient teacher!Go to every detail of the teaching content designed for Power BI essential. Learnt a lot and can not wait to put in practice!

  6. Course delivery was very well paced and content was very useful. Trainer Terry was well engaging will all class both online and in class, course was well prepared with large numbers of business case. Overall very useful and very well delivered. will recommend it to all Accountant, data analyst, and business manager.

  7. My company is moving to MS Nav soon, that’s why I tried to understand what power Bi can do. Great course , whole new different concept, need lots of practice though. I agreed with Qing’s comment above, therefore, I had both my laptop and iPad on during online session.

  8. Course is good, however, as only one computer to watch and practice at nearly the same time, some parts of them could not be followed straight away, no on line video to go over, have to wait for next time course, it is a petty.

  9. Thank you Terry for intruding the world of BI. I was really inspired by the course. The way of deliver the course is really easy to understand and live is really great for people like me who lives far from city and have to look after kids at home during weekend.
    Hope AFMA will consider move more courses to live.
    Thank you.

  10. Thanks Terry. Very useful class, open a new world for me!!! Terry is really skilful and patient to explain course into details and reply questions. The cause is related to real working environments. Super class with super price. I do believe Power BI will get more popular in future.

  11. Hi Terry, really appreciate your class and love your humurous style of lecturing. Very powerful tools and a lof of useful information, maybe a bit too much for me within one day and feeling a bit challenging to focus and follow in the afternoon. As a slow learnet, i am might come for revisit your class.

  12. Thanks Heaps Terry for the excellent training and great value for mone! I had a good understanding of Power PI and learnted basic skills to create relationship and generate reports in Power BI. Looking forward to having another course very soon.

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