AFMA Excel Intermediate Course

Excel Goal Seeker Pivot Table

1. Worksheet Essential
1) Excel logic for Financial modelling
2) Tour the Excel interface & Contextual tabs
3) Cell, Range & Array
4) Auto Fill data vs Formula

2. Formula Essential
1) Difference between Sum and Subtotal
2) Work with Time and Date
3) Use Sumifs and Countifs
4) Use Vlookup function with exact and close match
5) Use Min and Max function for commission calculation

3. Formatting Essential
1) Format number and date
2) Apply font, background color and border
3) Adjust column, row and text
4) Use conditional format in report

4. Printing Essential
1) Print setting
2) Insert header and footer
3) Print and convert to PDF
4) Repeat row and column title

5. Collaborate with Other
1) Import data from text, csv & Access
2) Get live data from website
3) Set workbook permission
4) Insert and edit comment
5) Share workbook & security settings
6) Find & replace data
7) Track workbook change

6. Analyze Data
1) Work with Goal Seek
2) Data validation
3) Pivot table and tabular format
4) Group data in pivot table
5) What-if analysis case study

7. Create and Use Chart
1) Edit chart title, legend, label axis, data table & other elements
2) Build chart for non-adjacent cells
3) Chart & dummy data
4) Placing Excel charts into other Office applications

8. Creating and Using Macros (VBA)
1) Understanding macros
2) Recording and using a simple macro
3) Editing a macro

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