Advanced Word Skills For Business Reports



1. Word Basic Skills
1) Most useful shortcuts for word
2) How to input special characters
3) Add equation in your report

2. Combine Files Like Power BI
1) Case: Combine multiple files like Power BI
2) Automatic refresh consolidation report when individual files changes
3) Use navigation pane to organise report

3. Data Cleansing
1) Show and update nonprinting characters and marks
2) Search and replace on document formatting
3) Update number layout by using wildcards
4) Use automatic text replacement

4. Professional Business Report Layout
1) Quickly format paragraph
2) Create, modify and update with styles and themes
3) Use page break effectively
4) Page layout setting for formal business report
5) Use sections skills to insert different header & footer for different sections
6) Paragraph in multiple columns
7) Add a professional cover page to the report

5. Auto-Update Page Reference
1) Page number in paragraph
2) Table & chart reference
3) Notes for financial statements
4) Automatic create and update table of contents
5) Insert and automatic update table of Figures

6. Table Skills for Data Management
1) Tap stops & convert text to table
2) Sort data in the table
3) Add sequential numbers to a table
4) Repeat header in each page
5) Table calculation- address reference (cell)
6) Case: Gst calculation (range cal)
7) Case: Add total row in sales table

7. Using Mail Merge for Batch Process
1) Create personalised email messages
2) Using mail merge with Excel data and query
3) Case: Use mail merge to create payroll pay slip
4) Insert and merge field from the data source
5) Create identical labels
6) Case: Build Fixed asset register card
7) Format numeric data in labels

8. Automating Your Work with Building Blocks
1) Build Auto-text and update it in report
2) Case: Auto update sale numbers in paragraph.
3) Case: Budget version control
4) Convert Word report To PPT slides in one second


  1. It is an awesome course to equip word skills. It will definitely make reporting much easier and professional after this one day course.

  2. Very informative class and will benefit significantly what I do the financial reporting. If possible add some contents of Charts in this course that would be even better.

  3. Astonished by the power of word. It’s very practical skills for work . Highly recommended for professionals.

  4. 非常实用的一节课,不管是有经验的做查漏补缺系统化知识还是没有经验的学生。

  5. 高大上的一门实用技术课程,果然和别的word课程很不同。原来word也能智能化,工作效率可以提高很多。

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