Advanced Data Validation & Vlookup

Adv DV-2

  • Why data validation?

  • Introduce Different types of DV (How to make DV works)

  • Fine tune the setting of DV

  • Create your own rules with DV (How to make DV work for you)

  • Find, copy and remove DV (How to handle DV embedded in other’s module)

  • Explore formula-driven-DV

  • Get familiar with some key formulas

  • Apply hierarchy structure into DV (selection of 2nd cell is purely based on 1st cell)*

  • Create and maintain database for Dependant DV


  • Mechanism and application of Exact Match

  • Mechanism and application of Approximate Match

  • Find one result that meets Multiple-criterias

  • Find one result that ‘partially’ meets the criteria

  • Find multiple results that meet required criteria(s)

  • Use Vlookup to execute searching ‘Leftwards’

  • Learn and apply Lookup

  • Summarize why Vlookup fails sometimes

  • Create synergy with IFERROR statement