Accounting Essential & Cash Flow Models

Accounting System Set up

  • Company information
  • Accounting information set up
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Accounts Hierarchy
  • Create & maintain tax code
  • Prepare for Electronic Banking
  • Opening Balance

Purchases & AP Module

  • Purchase & AP accounting procedure
  • Set up vendor master file
  • Build and maintain inventory item cards
  • Build a purchase order
  • Convert purchase order to bill
  • Use purchases register
  • Deal with purchase return and back order
  • Deal with early payment discount
  • Reverse or edit a purchase
  • Record payment for purchases
  • Deal with petty cash transactions
  • Process credit card and cash reimbursements
  • Analyse accounts payable

Sales & AR Module

  • Sales & AR accounting procedure
  • Understand three sales layouts
  • Set up customer master file
  • Set credit terms for customers
  • Create a sales quote
  • Convert quote to order
  • Convert order to invoice in sales register
  • Entering a service invoice
  • Deal with time-billing transactions
  • Record cash sale transactions
  • Deal with sales return
  • Process sales discount & credit note

Payroll Module

  • Payroll accounting procedure
  • Understand different payroll categories
  • Set up employee card in payroll system
  • Load the current tax tables to payroll system
  • Assign wages categories, taxes and deductions for employees
  • Process payroll weekly / fortnightly payment transactions
  • Process superannuation & PAYG transactions
  • Provide employees with pay slips and payment summaries

Banking Module

  • Navigate around bank register
  • Apply a payment for AP invoices,
  • Receive payments for AR invoices
  • Deal with part payments transactions
  • Provide bad debts provision

Search Transaction Details, Run Reports

  • How to search transaction Journal
  • Run customer / supplier activity statements
  • Prepare AR aging report
  • Prepare financial statements and other report

Cashflow Management Models

  • Cash receipts from customers forecast
  • Capital purchases items
  • OPEX purchases payments
  • Sales commission payments
  • Salary & wages paid to employees
  • Taxation payments
  • Cash management transactions


  1. Thank you for a great course on cash flow forecast! Looking forward to the forthcoming Power BI and Financial Modelling Courses.

  2. 周末上了老师的accounting essential课 收获满满 对自己熟悉的会计流程有了一个很好的梳理 那个cash flow forecast model受益匪浅 自己之前在公司试着做过 对各类cash flow没有很好的分类 老师讲了以后思路清晰 一下解答了我之前的很多疑难

  3. 受益匪浅,本以为只学软件操作的,其实不仅如此而且还教了cashflow manangement 和操作流程, 谢谢Terry老师和其他工作人员的努力使我们学到了很多。

  4. 谢谢Terry老师全面细致的讲解,课程逻辑框架都特别好,完全梳理了一个清晰的会计操作流程。尤其是cash management模型学会之后马上可以用于自己的工作中,赞赞赞

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